BSOE Commencement
Graduation Celebration General Information

The Graduation Celebration for the Jack Baskin School of Engineering Class of 2020 will be held at 1:30 pm, Friday, June 12, 2020 on the East Field.

Because of multiple ceremonies scheduled on Friday, our ceremony must begin promptly at 1:30 pm and will end no later than 3:30 pm.  The Procession of Graduates begins at 1:15 pm.

Please allow at least 20 minutes to get from the parking lots to your seats.


All Guests will require tickets.  Ticketing is needed due to maximum seating capacity at one of the commencement venues and campus limitations in parking availability and transit, and time duration between each event.  Use of tickets will assist participants in knowing they will have a seat from which to participate and will enable us to ensure guests for the subsequent ceremony will have a place to park and time to arrive for their graduate's ceremony.

Each graduate will receive 6 tickets to distribute to their family and friends for attendance, as well as 2 commencement parking permits.  Guests who do not possess a ticket will not be permitted entrance into any ceremony.  Vehicles without a commencement parking permit will not be permitted to park.


Parking & Transportation - Coming Soon
Resources & Amenities

All commencement sites have a Programs & Information tent, a Disability Support tent, and a First Aid tent.  Drinking water is provided free of charge.  UCSC Catering offers light refreshments for purchase (cash preferred).  Restrooms are available in close proximity to the commencement seating areas. 

Clothing Recommendations for Guests

Weather on the UC Santa Cruz campus can change quickly. Please dress in layers to maintain comfort as temperatures change over the course of the day. 

The celebration is held on a grassy field and flat shoes are recommended. Although the celebration is held under a large tent this year, sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen are still recommended.

What NOT to Bring to Graduation

Pets: ADA Service animals are the only animals visitors may bring to campus. Pets are not allowed on campus grounds nor can they remain in vehicles for the duration of a commencement ceremony. You will be turned away from campus if you arrive with a pet. There are many kennels, animal daycare operations and similar in Santa Cruz.

Drones: Drones are not permitted during commencement ceremonies.

No Smoking: All UC campuses are smoke and tobacco-free. Smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, e cigarettes, and other nicotine products are strictly prohibited. This policy will be strictly enforced.

No Confetti, No Noise-makers: Confetti, loud noise-makers, and other items that produce litter or disruptive noise are not permitted.

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